Wednesday, March 24, 2004

So ummm there has been a slight delay in the recording process of From the Ashes. But this doesn't mean that anyone should be sad. It's still going to get done...
There is a little bit of indecision and schedule conflicts and blah blah blah...you don't want to hear our excuses, you want to hear our music. So this is why I'm going to tell you this, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". I hope that cleared everything up.
But I do have to say that the delay in recording has brought to you some very good things. HOORAY! It has given us some time to get back to the writing process, and from this process we are going to be making the album a bit longer than expected. Longer is always better...always...well, actually I guess longer can be bad. Like in Magnolia, and you think the movie is going to end, but it doesn't...it just goes on forever, and then it starts raining frogs because I guess they just didn't know how to end it (that's why I think it went on for so long), so after eight hours of film they're finally like, "just drop some fucking frogs on them and call it square".
I hated that movie.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

To be? Or not to be...that is the question.
I am just now getting ready to go see The Mars Volta/ A Perfect Circle show. I am so excited. I don't know what to do with myself...I'm running in circles. A Perfect Circle is a band like none other...their presence on stage is almost vampiric. I miss Paz though...
And The Mars Volta have created the single greatest album ever produced; De-Loused in the Cromatorium. It is perfect in every way. It is better than AENIMA, Houses, Dark Side Of The Moon, and yes...even Songs For the Deaf.
I am so excited. I just messed myself.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Top Ten Albums of February
Haha...it's like Halfway through March, but here they are anyway.

1. The Mars Volta - De-loused in the Cromatorium
2. Half-Step - From the Ashes (the demo cuts)
3. Desert Sessions - Volumes 7-8
4. The Strokes - Room On Fire
5. Thursday - War All the Time
6. Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For the Deaf
7. Dream Theatre - Scenes From a Memory (Metropolis pt. 2)
8. HIM - Razorblade Romance
9. Muse - Showbiz
10. Incubus - A crow left from the murder

(I also watched the Led Zeppelin DVD a bajillion times, but it's not an album so yeah...) Now remember, these aren't in any particular order or anything, it is just a list of the ten albums I listened to and/or enjoyed the most during the rockin month of February. And no, I feel no shame for putting my own band on the list.
-Dane "I have a week to find a new place to live" Goodman

Friday, March 05, 2004

What Have I Done?
Tonight was fucking awesome. The entire band and some of our crew went out to see the two greatest local bands out there; Kohabit and P. Fattie Lumpkin. This is crazy because all three of us have NEVER gone out to see a local show at the same time, but we just fucking love these guys.
It was fucking bomb. For anyone that wasn't there, you missed out on a righteous show. 1096 began the evening...it was pretty cool. At the begging of their set the guitarist and drummer were doing some crazy ambien noise, no bassist or singer in sight, and then these two guys walk in. One of them (the singer) is wearing a straight jacket and a black hood over his head, the other one (bass) is leading him to the stage. The bassist takes of the jacket to reveal a button up white shirt underneath, and he replaces it with a suit coat. then he takes the hood off and the singer says some crazy ass preacher type shit, resulting in a bunch of rock hands flying up in the air and then the music took off. Personaly I say this is where their set went down hill...but oh well, we can't all be winners.
Needless to say Kohabit dominated the night, P.F.L coming in a close and very rightfully earned second. Damn, yeah. Afterwards a few people went over to Down Town Music and chilled at Kohabits band room for a while, and a friend of ours was introduced to pornography...she said she didn't like it but I think she secretely did deep down inside.
Then we all went to Dee's, were really loud and annoying, and didn't tip very well. It was awesome.
-Dane mother fucker Dane

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