Monday, May 03, 2004

Albums that rocked April
1. Modest Mouse - Good news for people who like bad news
2. Dane and the Death Machine - Thanatron (three tracks now)
3. Half-Step - From the ashes EP
4. Muse - Showbiz
5. Modest Mouse - The moon and Antartica
6. Nirvana - In Utero
7. The Strokes - Is this it?

that's all I listened to this month...well, actually Good News for People who love bad news was literally the ONLY thing I listened to for an entire week towards the end of the month. And even now it's pretty much the only thing I listen to...If you have a negative opinion about this album, I seriously don't even want to hear about it. And if you post a comment against it I will forever banish your opinions from this journal...that's how deep and serious my love and appreciation is for that album. In fact, the title of this post should be "The best album in the entire world is Good News For People Who Love Bad News"
-Dane G. Russ

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